In Case You Missed It: Check Out Our Webinar on Volunteering

Written on 10/27/2020
Volunteer New York!

On Wednesday, October 21, Volunteer New York!'s Volunteer & Nonprofit Engagement Manager, Jessica Friedlander, delivered an informative presentation about volunteering—and how community service is more than just checking off a box on a form for your school. In fact, volunteers can use their service as a tool to reach their personal and professional goals.

"During one of my first presentations to middle school students, I was asked by a seventh-grader, 'Why would I volunteer if I'm not getting paid?'" Friedlander recalled. "He had a good point: you have to show up on time, put in hard work, work with a team. It's kind of like a job." So, why would you do it if you're not getting paid?

"The truth is, you are getting paid—it might not be with money, but you gain quite a bit as a volunteer!"

The webinar was part of a weekly series hosted by Alliance for Safe Kids (ASK), a nonprofit based in Yorktown Heights that connects local youth to important resources in the community. Dubbed #WalktheTalk, ASK's webinar series focuses on specific areas of interest for local youth, including substance abuse prevention and mental health. Since thoughtful service contributes to positive wellness for teens, the subject of volunteerism was a no-brainer for the #WalktheTalk series.

Watch the presentation in its entirety below to learn how volunteers of all ages and in all stages of life can benefit from their service—from making new friends to maximizing their career potential.

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