Garito Manor

Written on 05/15/2017
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Garito Manor is developed by The NDR Group; a not-for-profit Owner, Developer, and Manager of affordable housing with over 30 years of experience. This independent, affordable senior living facility is named in honor of Mr. Frank J. Garito, President of The NDR Group, for his service to the New Rochelle community and his lifelong commitment to the development of quality, affordable housing alternatives for families and seniors. This 102-unit senior residential building is evidence that Mr. Garito’s dreams for a sustainable community with lifestyle amenities and greater affordable housing options for members of the community have turned to reality. Mr. Garito’s vision for revitalization and preservation began in 1970, when he served as Mayor for the City of New Rochelle. He is proud to have been raised in the New Rochelle community, and continues to strive for better housing alternatives for its residents.

Minimum Age: 16

Location: New Rochelle

Cause: Senior Services

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