Take the VOLLO Challenge

Written on 08/27/2019
Volunteer New York!

Not Just A Symbol, A Call To Action

By wearing this bracelet you are making a commitment to create positive, local change. What that looks like is entirely up to you. 


(must have completed at least 1 act of local kindness/volunteerism to be eligible)

Each bracelet was made by volunteers for volunteers with the belief that everyone has a spark in them and the ability to make a difference. The stainless-steel circle is a link, a physical symbol of your connection back to your community and the roles that volunteers play to bring us all closer together.



  1. By wearing this bracelet I commit to create positive, local change
  2. I believe volunteering locally helps to create a safe, healthy and resilient community
  3. I believe everyone can serve and has a spark inside them to make a difference
  4. I believe volunteering is transformational
  5. I believe kindness is free and relationships matter
  6. I realize that by wearing this bracelet I am an ambassador of volunteerism and will help inspire others to find their passion for service when appropriate (or connect them to Volunteer New York!)
  7. When I complete my mission to create positive, local change I will pass on my bracelet to a friend and challenge them to take action