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Back to School Safety Tips from Westchester's Favorite Mascots

The start of the school year is a struggle for many of us—can't we sleep in just a little longer?—but it's especially challenging when COVID-19 is still in the air. Whether you're attending classes in person or your school is following a hybrid model, you'll inevitably have a lot of new questions: can I hug my friends? Do we wear face masks even when sitting at our desks? How do we wash our hands clean if we don't have a sink in our classroom?

Camp Vollo: Deadline to Submit Activity Sheets

Heads up, Camp Vollo campers! The deadline to submit your Camp Vollo activity sheet is Monday, August 31. Submitting your activity sheet is the only way to claim your Changemaker Certificate for all of the great activities you completed during your summer camp experience. You'll also be able to receive limited-edition stickers and an exclusive invite to an upcoming volunteer project. Find all of the details in your activity books—hope you enjoyed summer camp at Camp Vollo!

Salute the Start of September With #911Day Service Projects

Summer may be winding down, but student volunteers are busier than ever as they ramp up for the new semester. Whether you've got community service hours to fulfill or you're looking to address your neighborhood's most pressing needs, there's no better time to kick your activism and community engagement into high gear than now.


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Join a Food Drive for COVID Relief on 9/11

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Choosing A Service Project

Choosing Your Service Project

Throughout the year, many young folks and parents contact us about faith-based service projects. To complete their confirmation or bar/bat mitzvah, youth may be asked to complete a certain amount of service hours or a service project.