Meet the Gen Z Activists Leading the Lockdown Revolution

Written on 07/30/2020
Volunteer New York!

One of the greatest misconceptions about the COVID-19 virus is that younger people are “immune”—or, at least, they don’t experience the same kind of effects that their parents and grandparents do. We now know that's not true—the virus can severely harm younger generations—but it's becoming clear that harm extends well beyond their immune systems.

Not only do teens have to keep a careful eye on their health, but their mental health is taking a hit as well. They've had to sacrifice their graduations, proms, gap-year travels, college applications, job interviews, and other important milestones that define the transition from school to adulthood. And recent protests and calls for social and racial justice further add to the stress.

But some teens refuse to settle for a life in lockdown. Instead, they're recognizing the needs of their communities and finding ways to make an impact this summer, from launching their own nonprofit organizations to organizing protests that attract thousands of people.

Read their stories—and get inspired to organize your own grassroots activism from home—here.

How to Make an Impact