Tech-Savvy Teens: Volunteer to Help Seniors Learn Zoom

Written on 09/25/2020
Volunteer New York!

Calling all tech-savvy teens! If you're patient, a pro at video conferencing, and you want to help others (while demonstrating those fire leadership skills), Volunteer New York!'s RSVP Westchester program needs you.

RSVP—which stands for "Retired and Senior Volunteer Program"—engages older adults in meaningful volunteer activities. These days, this means getting on board with virtual meetings and projects—and as anyone with a grandparent knows, that's not always so easy to learn.

Thankfully, students are old hands at programs like Zoom. After all, we've been using it for our classes and summer programs all year; it's almost like second nature at this point!

If you're confident in your Zoom tutoring skills and you're patient, kind, and eager to help a local senior learn the ropes, you can now sign up for our "Tech-Savvy Teens" program. Not only will it be a fulfilling experience for both you and the seniors you're matched with, but you can count this project toward your community service requirements for school. Plus, it makes a really fun school essay subject. Win-win!