Youth Volunteer Guide Book from Volunteer New York

Holiday Volunteering

Tis' the season to give back! Each year from November 1st through January 1st nonprofits offer a range of opportunities for volunteers looking to give back around the holiday season. Because the holidays are a time to reflect and be thankful for what we have, there are many family-friendly opportunities available. The holidays are a great time to volunteer as a family and spend time together giving back. There are usually also many donation drives happening throughout the holidays . . . be on the look out for drives for: warm coats, warm socks, canned food, toys, cards for veterans, medical supplies, and more.

Summer Volunteering

The summer is the perfect season to explore volunteering. Many nonprofits offer special summer volunteer programs or internship programs especially for students. Many nonprofits' summer volunteer opportunities may also be limited to the number of volunteers they can accommodate each year, so it is best to start planning in the Spring.

Youth Leadership Opportunities

The following is a list of programs available to youth throughout Westchester and Putnam Counties. Many of these programs give youth the ability to pursue service opportunities with other members who share their same interests and concerns. Some of these programs even allow youth to explore various career paths and to build their leadership abilities. Please note that some of the listed programs might require a membership fee to join.

Youth Service Projects

Throughout the year many youths and parents contact us about faith-based service projects. To complete a Confirmation or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah a youth may be asked to complete a certain amount of service hours or a service project.